Top 5 Benefits of Autodesk PDMC Collection


The Autodesk Product Design & Manufacturing Collection enhances customer experience by bringing together the integrated workflows for Design, Advanced Simulation capabilities, 2- axis & 5-axis CAM, Data Management, Optimized Factory Planning, etc. Overall it is a completed solution of CAD, CAM & CAE tools in a single package. With the extensive length & breadth of these specialized tools & services, Manufacturing companies get ready to face the futuristic customer demands.

Unique Benefits of PDMC Collection:

Few benefits of PDMC make it differentiable farther from the competition. Also, it eases the work life of a designer/engineer simpler.

  • Bundle of Most prominent tools at a Single package – Customers who subscribe to Autodesk PDMC collection gets the cumulative benefits of future proofed toolsets. It also combines with the prompt updates and additional of disruptive technology like Fusion 360, Generative design, etc.
  • Inter-Connected workflows – With complete integrated workflows, Autodesk PDMC evidently links the dots between Design & Manufacturing by effectively combining the CAD, CAM & CAE tools.
  • Optimize Budgeting – When solutions are purchased as a part of collection, you will get more cost savings. You will also be entitled to choose flexible term lengths, scaling up/down based on your unique business needs.
  • Simpler & Smarter Software Management – Gone are the days where there is complex software management practice. With the Smarter & Improved methodologies, Contract Managers can manage all the CAD/CAM/CAE tools at ease.
  • Embrace Cloud & Save Time – With the advent of cloud based solutions and cloud credits, you don’t have to wait a longer time for a complex rendering task or complex assembly operations. Autodesk PDMC has embedded cloud based tools like Fusion 360 to help you with generative design concepts.

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