Interoperability within CAD/CAM/CAE


Working in industry can be a nightmare as suppliers use one CAD (Computer Aided Design) system and customers use another. This may lead to an interlinking set of 2D and 3D data which has to have more versions of the same data.


Collating the different versions of 2D & 3D drawing will be a tedious task for the OEMs. Also, recreating one file to another will be a time-consuming factor for the suppliers who are using different tool. Interlinking different design formats to a single format while working on simulation will go any analyst crazy.


With the Autodesk capabilities, lives of designers and analysts have become simpler. Autodesk AnyCAD technology is the solution to all these problems. AnyCAD feature in Autodesk PDMC tools is a way CAD users can maintain associativity between different CAD (2D & 3D) platforms. It is compatible with Alias, AutoCAD, CATIA V4/V5, Creo, NX, Pro Engineer and Solidworks 3D file formats. AnyCAD can also help a user to utilize backward compatibility of Inventor.

Listed below are the compelling benefits AnyCAD technology could bring about in your Organization:

  • Time – AnyCAD saves the data conversion task carried by the designers which results in enormous time saving
  • Foster better collaboration between different stakeholders in a supply chain
  • There is no need for separate solution/translation software to convert multiple CAD/CAM/CAE file formats. There is no need for a neutral file format too.

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